8 January 2018

NTG to open warehouse in Kaunas

NTG in Lithuania has decided to further expand its business with the creation of NTG Logistics UAB, a subsidiary of NTG Lithuania UAB. NTG Logistics UAB will operate a 1.700 sqm warehouse to be used for cross-docking, warehousing and ultimately distribution.
The creation of NTG Logistics UAB is a natural step in ensuring high quality for NTG’s customers. Kaunas is ideal location in the center of Lithuania, and the business will be run by Partner and Managing Director Vytautas Vaitkus.
NTG Logistics UAB will also serve the needs of third party customers, with the first contract already signed in December.
If you have any questions or enquiries to our logistical services please contact Vytautas Vaitkus on 370 694 66708 or vva@ntglithuania.lt